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If you’ve checked out our other services and noticed that all they’re all driven by data, then congratulations, you’ve identified a trend. You could be a great data scientist. Identifying trends and implementing proper analytics practices set the foundation for real, genuine success. Can we take a look at your analytics?


Data science is fun and it doesn’t mean crunching numbers at a chalk board. Actually, you don’t even need a chalkboard. From Google Analytics to Tableau and CrazyEgg, there are a whole lot of interesting tools available to help us gather and visualize data. Using this data, we can map out trends and get a better idea for the bigger picture. We can even figure out what the competition is up to and learn from that. More importantly, we can better familiarize ourselves with the behavior and habits of the audiences we’re trying to engage with. We can track user flow when they visit our websites and come to an objective understanding as to what’s working and what isn’t and then adjust our campaigns accordingly. Overall, implementing data science into your marketing strategy, your business practice, or even your daily routine will save you a lot of time and money.
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By carefully observing the analytics of one of our client’s websites and tracking the behavior of its visitors over a period of time, we discovered that a certain feature they were using to drive conversions was actually deterring them for a number of reasons. The data showed that eliminating this feature and replacing it with something else that performed the same function in a different way would directly result in a 569.62% increase in monthly conversions. That’s some serious stuff; they were potentially missing out on over $100k a month.
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This is why nearly every move we make is driven by data and based on numbers, whether it’s trying to decide on the language we use to communicate with our audience, the color of a button, or the placement of a logo. At Beattie Cole, even something as simple as choosing between emojis is determined by a data driven process called A/B testing, or split testing. This allows us to try out two different variations of whatever it is we’re testing in order to figure out which one is going to work best. A/B testing can result in an exponential increase in conversions.

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The benefits of applying data science and analytic processes to your digital marketing efforts are limitless. There’s an old saying, “50% of marketing works. The hard part is figuring out which half that is.” This definitely didn’t apply to digital marketing and it certainly doesn’t apply at Beattie Cole. Using predictive analytics, we can calculate spending down to the dollar and determine the outcome of our campaigns with infallible precision. Use data science to your advantage and it and it will do far more than pay for itself. Ignore it and it’ll surely cost you.  This methodology pays for itself, so let’s get together and figure out what solution would work best for you.

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