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At the end of the day, it’s all about communicating with our audience and customer base. Building relationships. Developing trust. Earning business. These are just a few examples of earned media. These goals can be achieved by corresponding with the media through press releases, taking advantage of social networking opportunities, or getting more intimate with an email marketing campaign. Earned media is the most trusted form of advertising and 74% of consumers look to social media to help them out with their purchasing decisions. In combination with the proper digital marketing strategy, earned media is a guaranteed recipe for success. At Beattie Cole, we  design each of our client’s campaigns specifically for the unique needs and goals of their business. We’d like to hear about yours.


A lot of businesses fixate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They put a lot of time and money into “enhancing” their websites in in order to boost their rankings on Google’s search engine results page. There are even so-called SEO Agencies or Specialists who charge an arm-and-a-leg to soup up a website with the latest Blackhat techniques. Sure, these tricks may work for a day or two, maybe even a week or a month, but ultimately, Google catches wind, releases a patch, and then their rankings plummet right back down to where they were before. A lot of the time, the site gets penalized or black listed and Google won’t even display them in search results anymore. Here’s the bottom line: There are no shortcuts. Nothing is free.


The internet isn’t the wild west. It’s a multi-trillion dollar industry and Google is world’s most valuable company. It certainly didn’t get that way overnight. It’s search engine definitely wouldn’t have become synonymous with learning if my brother’s basement surf company could shove the word “board shorts” onto their homepage a million times in order to rank. Don’t get me wrong, keywords are very powerful, which is why they’re so often misused. You’re gonna have to include words related to the subject matter you’d like to rank for within your copy; just make sure it occurs organically. We want to understand the type of language our audiences are using when they’re trying to find us or the products we deal with. It’s all about communicating with our audience here and we want to be efficient communicators. When we employ the proper use of copywriting in combination with keyword research, it helps us earn our audience’s trust, attention, and ultimately their business.


How is trust earned? We want to establish ourselves as an authority in our field; a brand people can recognize and depend on. One way we do that is by building quality backlinks, which are external links to one website from another. The best backlinks are from websites with a high score in domain authority. Domain authority is a calculated metric from Moz for how well a website is likely to rank in Google’s search results. Some examples of websites with high domain authority would be CNN, Huffington Post, or Reddit. Getting backlinks from these sites may seem impossible, but everyone’s got a quota to fill. Every journalist is looking for an interesting story or something newsworthy. All it takes is a creative and calculated press release at the right time and your company could be on the front page tomorrow. It happens everyday.

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Building relationships. Developing trust. Earning business. These are just a few examples of earned media. It’s a guaranteed recipe for the success of any business when combined with a digital marketing strategy we will design and develop specifically for the unique needs and goals of your brand. Your competitors are hard at work. Let’s get started.


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