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Healthworks is an authority on superfoods that have already broken the million dollar mark. We helped refine their brand and curate their transition from Amazon shop to a standalone digital storefront. Using the Shopify  platform, we projected their brand into the digital marketplace. We provided them with digital advertising services and designed their packaging, labels, and graphics. The labels were designed to cater to browser prominence and clarity. Online sales require different considerations than those of brick and mortar storefronts when it comes to effective label design and we allowed that notion to guide us in this process.

The website was a custom build using the Shopify platform and was written in Liquid, which is an open-source template language written in Ruby. As always, we ensured the site was optimized for UX and responsiveness across different sized devices. We can say with confidence that Healthworks is now catering to a global market.

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package design


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