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New Hair Institute is a Los Angeles based medical group specializing in hair loss restoration. They have offices in Southern California and Korea. Originally, we were hired to help them out with some basic web design, but were so happy with the fruits of our labor that we were soon running their digital marketing campaign for them. From helping them establish their brand to AdWords and a social media campaign, NHI is optimized for success.

We started out with a design interview and helped them revamp and revitalize their brand. First big thing on the agenda was a complete overhaul of the design and UX of their website. We organized a photoshoot, hired a professional photographer, and started to build up a database of photos we could use to create graphics for their website, ads, and other digital assets throughout our digital marketing campaign.

Redesigning their website was a massive undertaking. Their domain has been around since 1998 and their website comprised over 67 pages. The media gallery alone consisted of over 600 images, which they needed a reliable and efficient solution to present in an organized manner. All of this was hosted on their own dedicated server. To say we had our work cut out for us was an understatement. It took a few weeks of late nights and tons of coffee, but we made it and to the client’s delight, it looked better than it ever had before. We set it up with analytics, made some landing pages, and the website was ready for a successful paid media and remarketing campaign.

After optimizing their social media, sending out some much needed press releases, and working on their public relations, NHI’s digital marketing continues to do better than ever under our management. The rest is history.

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