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On Tour Now is a Twitch.tv program in which the host interviews bands and musicians while playing a variety of interesting video games. It provides a unique glimpse to which the public isn’t often held privy.

We were approached to design and develop their brand and set them up with everything they needed for a winning social media campaign. We started out with a design interview and got to work. The client was looking for something that gave off that retro 1980’s MTV vibe without feeling too much like a pixelated NES game. Using that to guide the design process, we developed their logo and came up with their mascot, Roadie Rob. We then animated the show’s intro sequence and lower thirds, in which we animated Roadie Rob to act as a transition by stage diving to reveal text.

Once the brand was established, we got to work on social media. We adapted Roadie Rob and various On Tour Now imagery into graphics that worked at different dimensions across the social media campaign. We designed each platform to appear unique, yet conform to aesthetics of the brand as to help enforce its identity and cohesion. Since the show is web based, a clean, uniform social media presence is essential to their success.

otn branding
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