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Review Rage is a reality TV show with a comedic edge and dramatic flair. It was made to satirize Yelp reviews and poke fun at how people take it way too seriously. It’s going to air on Oprah’s Oxygen Network next season.  

New Birch Media came approached us to develop branding for the show. They asked us to get as wild as we could and didn’t really put any limitations on our creativity. We wanted to full take advantage of this liberty and decided to get experimental. After tinkering around in our lab, we decided to take a mixed media approach and combine claymation, 3d rendering, and doodle art. The result was this animated  opening title reveal that is pure insanity.

This project was tons of fun. The explosion was really cool. Hand rolled clay against a green screen. We made several sprites that were combined and multiplied in Adobe Premiere.

This project used traditional animation elements, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Blender, and Adobe Illustrator.


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